Real Talk

Graduate school is not all about conducting high-impact research with cutting-edge technology. Sometimes it is learning how to manage relationships, politics, microaggressions, and mental health.

By sharing the stories of underrepresented minorities in STEM with full transparency and vulnerability, we hope that their stories can resonate with you--from one Ph.uture D.octor to the next.


Switching Labs

Sometimes the lack of mentorship, a toxic lab environment, or uncontrollable circumstances could force you to find a new lab.


A Guide to Switching Labs

General guideline you could refer to if you ever find yourself in a toxic environment and need to get out.


Graduate Community

Follow other graduate students who are taking the time to share their experiences and resources that could impact your #phdjourney in a positive way


Reflecting on my hispanic heritage

It took the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month for me to reflect and acknowledge that I am proud to be both a Hispanic and first-generation American.


SACNAS & Story Collider

While at #SACNAS2018, I attend the collaborative event between SACNAS and Story Collider that brought stories of scientists to the stage.

Check out some of the moments I captured on camera!


How to find a mentor in grad school

In this post, I provide you with some resources that have personally helped me in finding additional support and mentors. You should not go through graduate school alone. By building a network of supportive peers and mentors, you'll have a higher chance in achieving your academic and career goals.