Grad Community

Below are links to resources that are inspiring, motivational, and informative. I hope that I can direct you to plug into other communities that will fit your needs or peak your interest. Check out these wonderful graduate students making a positive impact to their communities.


PhD Lifestyle

Amy Maslen-Miller, also known as Samoan Scientist, is sharing what it’s really like as a scientist from the Samoan perspective. Inspired from my post “Where are my Ladies of Color At?” she took action and started a YouTube channel. Her aim is to share her story; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Check out her first video & follow her journey on Instagram @samoan_scientist

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Motivation & Community

Ikhaerr “Kara” Howard founded Ladies Love Stem, and online community dedicated to motivate, encourage, and celebrate women of color in STEM. She shares stories, recaps of STEM related events and experiences, as well as resources to opportunities in STEM.

Check out their Instagram & plug into their community!

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Amanda Renee Clark shares how she incorporates mindful perspective during graduate school. Her weekly blogs are insightful and educational as she shares how mindfulness positively impacts difficult and stressful situations. There is always a useful tip you can take from her stories and apply them to your academic Ph.D. journey.

Follow her blog & join her meditation group Mindful Scholar on the Insight Timer app.



A a collaborative community talking about mental health in graduate school. You are not alone! We support creative, critical and independent thinkers struggling with mental health, through honest stories from fellow PhDs and well-being tips, tools and services.



WokeSTEM is a creative response to the lack of diversity, social equity and inclusive cultures for minoritized people in STEM. Through their YouTube channel, they aim to to visually amplifying Black voices and experiences in STEM.



Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM, or #VanguardSTEM for short, is a live, monthly web-series featuring a rotating panel of women of color in STEM discussing a wide variety of topics including their research interests, wisdom, advice, tips, tricks and commentary on current events.


Blk + In Grad School

An audioblog created to encourage and inspire women + people of color to and through the grad school struggle.