Pheatured Scientist | 005


meet this week's pheatured scientist

Phuture Dr. Kofi Christie

A little about Kofi; Kofi's parents immigrated to the United States from Jamaica in the 1970's where they raised him and his two older siblings in Roswell, GA. His interest in engineering came at an early age through playing instruments such as drums, cello, guitar, as well as through playing video games. His childhood interests influenced his decision to study physics in college to learn about engineering concepts at the most fundamental level. Kofi graduated with his BS in physics in 2014 from Morehouse College.

Kofi is now a fourth-year graduate student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Vanderbilt University.  Working under the mentorship of Shihong Lin, his research focuses on understanding the limitations of membrane distillation, a new alternative technology for the desalination of water. Motivated by the global hardships of clean water access, fossil fuel dependence, and environmental pollution, he's interested in the use of nanomaterials for applications in water, energy, and the environment. We've already seen nanomaterials enhance our ability to more efficiently treat water, convert solar energy into electrical energy, and trace contaminants through natural systems. Kofi wants to be a part of the cutting edge of researchers who employ novel materials with tailored functionality to continue designing these kinds of solutions. 

After achieving his goal of earning a PhD, Kofi would like to pursue a post-doctoral research position in industry or at a national lab. He is also potentially interested in jobs in science communication and advocacy at the national level. When he is not making research progress in the lab, Kofi likes to spend his time playing music with his band (T-34), skating and going to concerts. Lately, he's also become a collector of French presses and exotic coffee beans!