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Meet Phuture

Dr. Rachel Harris

Rachel is a third-year graduate student in the McLean lab at Vanderbilt University. Having worked in the field of mass spectrometry since her undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her current research focuses on the structural analysis of lipid species via ion mobility mass spectrometry. More specifically, she aims to utilize novel fragmentation technologies such as ozonolysis and surface induced dissociation in order to distinguish lipid isomeric species that cannot be identified based on mass alone. She recently published her first manuscript on ozonolysis of lipids in the journal Analytical Chemistry.

Rachel likes to keep busy, so when not in the lab she is often indulging in one of many hobbies such as photography, mixology, and playing board games. After earning her PhD, Rachel would like to work for one of the scientific corporations that build mass spectrometers, such as Agilent or Waters. However, she does not necessarily wish to remain a benchtop chemist, as one of her favorite parts of graduate school is traveling to conferences and meeting other scientists from around the world and is interested in positions that would require more travel.