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Our MissioN

To make research labs accessible to all high school students and expose them to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math through educational and engaging videos

a letter from stephanie, founder

As a first-generation American and college student, representation has been vital to my growth as a scientist. My experiences thus far in graduate school has inspired me to develop an educational and entertaining YouTube channel called Ph.uture D.octors: a behind-the-scene look at the cutting-edge research that takes place at Vanderbilt University, and at the talented and diverse graduate students carrying out that work.

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I aim to expose high school and undergraduate students to STEM research at the university level. My goal is to communicate the importance of research by demonstrating how scientists use the tools in lab to tackle problems, and to describe complex topics using simple animations. I also use Instagram as an accessible platform to talk about research and reach a broader audience.

Interviews with graduate students will reveal what life is like as a scientist, as well as our experiences with representation, mental health, and mentorship in higher education. By creating content that is transparent and that celebrates diversity, I aim to inspire underrepresented minorities to pursue an education in STEM.

This channel could be used as a resource for students who have limited or no opportunities to tour a research university, or who lack support and mentorship at their schools.

Tour stem research labs at an academic institution

meet diverse scientists at the fore-front of STEM research

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