Why Ph.uture D.octors?

As an avid consumer of YouTube videos, I was first exposed to 'EduTAINMENT' content my sophomore year of college. A close friend of mine introduced me to Destin's channel, Smarter Every Day. I was captivated by his enthusiasm and impressed with the quality of the content and video. Most importantly, I found myself learning something new. 


Now, YouTube is a part of my daily routine. I look forward to the new videos channel's posts because I am genuinely excited to hear what they have to say. When it came to watching videos about science, I noticed something peculiar. There is no diversity amongst the popular and highly produced edutainment channels. This came to no surprise as this is also a common occurrence in higher education. For example, I was one of three women and one of two Hispanics accepted into the chemistry graduate program at Vanderbilt. 

Female hosts and content creators are gaining more traction, but no where near the same following as the male leading channels.  I am hopeful that this will change as YouTube is a platform where everyone is welcomed.  This is where my channel comes into play.

My goal with Ph.uture D.octors is to increase expose to the general public on the importance of scientific research and promote diversity and inclusivity by featuring hard working graduate students of all identities and backgrounds. Increasing representation would give viewers the chance to relate to the scientists as we learn about the research that they do and why did they choose to pursue higher educations. I am hopeful that creating a platform where we get to interact with all types of scientists on a personal level would build trust between the public and science.

Curiosity leads to research and with diversity comes advancement. Let's learn more about science together and start a community where everyone is welcomed.